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Please read the following before making an online booking:

I charge  £30 per half hour (minimum charge 1 hour £60) with a 10% discount for 5 hours or more. If there are any additional charges on the day (for example, additional time, materials or parking), you will be invoiced for these once the work has been completed.

While I carry out a wide variety of different jobs, there are a few things that I don't do. Please check below to ensure I undertake the work you'd like done and if you're at all unsure just send me an email. This saves me the bank fees incurred when refunding customers for jobs that I can't do.

I don't do tiling, plastering or carpet/lino fitting. I carry out some, but not all, electrical work.

I only operate in Edinburgh.

  • 1 hr
    60 British pounds
  • 2 hr
    120 British pounds
  • Please only choose 8am - 12pm or 12pm- 4pm
    4 hr
    240 British pounds
  • 8 hr
    430 British pounds
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